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Re: Internship in Clinical Psychology Application Jobs
Aug 17, 2017
Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry
to me

Good morning, Caitlin. I hope this email finds you well.

Following your interview yesterday, I would like to formally congratulate you on your successful application to the Child Clinical Psychology Elective Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital.

On behalf of the faculty, I would also like to extend our appreciation for your understanding in these unusual circumstances. While it is very rare for an internship to be declined, it is rarer still to award the internship to a previous applicant this far into the curriculum.

As discussed, the gaps in your resume did pose some concern to the board. However, your academic work and outstanding test scores were very impressive. As we are partway through the first semester, we expect that this same rigor will be reflected in your work as there is a lot for you to catch up on.

I have attached the orientation forms for you to complete as well as an enrolment sheet detailing the dates and times of the Core Training Seminar, Blake 11 Seminar and CBT Seminar. You will also receive an email from Human Resources to confirm your personal details are correct, as well as a registration link to activate your unique log on ID to access our server. Your ID and access pass(es) will be issued to you when you commence with us next week.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions in the interim. We look forward to having you!

Welcome to Massachusetts General Hospital!

Kind regards,
Sherry Brooks

Administrative Assistant
Massachusetts General Hospital | Psychiatry
Boston, MA 02114 | Phone: (617) 726-3648